Circuit Training

Length of time: 25 to 30 minutes

Grade levels: Third through Fifth

Candace’s Notes: I often change the non PFA equipment to make Circuit Training appropriate for the younger students.

How to play:

There are 14 stations in all. I place equipment in between each PFA station for seven additional stations. (see sample stations below).

Students workout 1 minute and 30 seconds at each station. I play music while they are working out. When the music stops, the students stop and wait for the signal to rotate.

Students are given a task sheet or demonstration as what to do at each station. My students pride themselves in their creativity and have demonstrated understanding of the safety concepts I have taught them. Some lessons are referred to as "Creative Time". These are the lessons in which my children really shine. They love showing me what they have and can create with the equipment.

Station # 1 Horizontal Ladder

Station # 2 Medicine ball pass

Station # 3 Step Station

Station # 4 Barrel shooting station/Basketball

Station # 5 Parallel Bar Station

Station # 6 Hoppity Hop/Jump rope Station

Station # 7 Pole climbing station

Station # 8 Putt Putt station

Station # 9 Vault Bar Station

Station # 10 Dynaband Station

Station # 11 Horizontal Bar Station

Station # 12 Soccer shoot Station

Station # 13 Sit up station

Station # 14 Football Toss Station

Ladder Task Card
Knee Task Card
Jump Task Card
Step Task Card