PFA Frisbee Golf

Length of Activity: 30 minutes

Grade Levels: Third through Fifth

Candace’ s Notes: Preparation-Write the name of each PFA station and a task to be completed on a brightly colored sheet of paper. Laminate the paper. Students may play through a hole or simply skip a hole if they see that it is too crowded.



How to Play:

Place several hula hoops in the area surrounding the PFA equipment to create your PFA Golf Course.

Place a task paper in each hula hoop.

Set numbered cones up as markers for the "teeing off area". We have a fifteen hole course at Bessemer.

Students are placed in pairs, given a Frisbee, and assigned a number.

Students go to their respective cones to begin the game. Students alternate throwing Frisbee at the hula hoop target. When one of the pair makes a throw landing the Frisbee in the hoop, they read their task card and go to the PFA center to complete their task.

After completing their task, students return to the golf course to continue Frisbee Golf.