Hoop Monster

Length of Activity: Approximately 10 minutes

Grade Level: K-5

Candace’s Notes:

I stop the game after approximately two minutes in order to change "Hoop Monsters",

therefore allowing each child a chance to be the dreaded monster.

*Safety Note: It is important to stress safety with the hoops. I explain and demonstrate "clothes-lining" to my students. My students love "Hoop Monster" and know that the game will be stopped immediately if I see this occur. To date, I have not had a problem with this.


How to Play:

Select six students to be hoop monsters. Give each of these students a hula hoop.

Students scatter in the area surrounding the PFA equipment. The students with hoops, have now become "Hoop Monsters". Holding their hoops above their heads, the monsters chase the other students and attempt to drop the hoop over another child's head.

Students are not allowed to run when playing this game. They may walk quickly but absolutely may not run.

If a student is caught by a "Hoop Monster", he/she must go to a PFA station and do five

repetitions before returning to the game.