Move On Up

(Renamed "Boot Camp" by my students)

Length of Activity: 20-30 minutes

Grade Levels: First through Fifth

Candace’s Notes:

1. The teacher remains at the PFA equipment.

2. Student groups are assigned stations at the beginning of the lesson. Thereafter, the groups rotate in clockwise fashion.

3. Seven laps around my track is a mile. At the completion of this lesson, students have completed a mile for the day. Teachers are allowed to count miles done in physical education class for the school wide walking contest.

4. Sometimes my students ask me to take them around the track for a lap at the end of the lesson to sing our Bobcat chant. This chant is done in boot camp fashion with students repeating the lines I chant.

How to Play:

The class is divided into two squads.

One squad uses the PFA equipment and the other uses the track that encircles the PFA equipment.

The students using the PFA equipment work in groups of twos or threes at a station.

The students on the track are jogging at a controlled pace. The leader yells, "Move on up." The student in the back sprints to the front to become the new leader. The new leader then gives the command, "Move on u p ", to the new student in the back of the line.

When all students in the running squad have had a turn at being leader, their squad goes to the PFA equipment to work at a station in groups of twos or threes.

The squad at the PFA station then goes to the track to, play "Move on up."

Students remain in the same small groups while working at the PFA center throughout the lesson.

The lesson continues until all students have worked at seven of the PFA stations. Students must chose a different piece of equipment work on each time.