Parachute PFA

Length of Activity: 20 minutes

Grade Levels: All

Candace’s Notes: Give the students time to catch their breath while adding up the individual repetitions.

How to Play:

Standing in the area adjacent to the PFA center, students grasp a multicolored parachute.

Students are assigned to the white team or gold team.

The teacher then places white foam balls and gold foam balls in the parachute.

On my command, all students begin shaking the parachute in an effort to get all of the opposing team’s foam balls out of the parachute.

When the teacher sees that one team has shaken all of their opponents foam balls out, she/he stops the game.

The team who still has balls in the parachute must clean up by collecting all of the balls and placing them back in the parachute. Then they must all complete an assigned 2 0 - 2 0 - 2 0 task such as sit- ups, push-ups, and jumping jacks. The other team heads to the PFA equipment. -

The students at the PFA center keep count of the number of repetitions they do at a station.

All students return to the parachute when the students performing the 20-20-20 tasks are finished.

Parachute Down

Parachute Up