Capture the Treasure PFA Style

Grade Level: 3-6

Equipment needed: One hula-hoop for each team, cones to mark the field, and 2 pieces of equipment to serve as the "treasure".

Objectives: Students will gain an understanding of the pieces of the Project Fit Center as well as their use.  Students will develop strategic thinking.  Students will work together with other classmates.

Activity: Divide students into 2 equal teams.  Traditional Capture the Treasure rules are used.  Students are attempting to cross the middle line and reach the opponents' hoop with the treasure in it without being tagged by the other team.  They are safe on their side but can be tagged on the opponents'. If a student is tagged I have them report to the project fit equipment and perform specific activities on certain pieces of equipment before they can return to the game.  Students are also given the option of running a lap instead of performing a set number of repetitions on the equipment.  I usually rotate the number of reps and the pieces of equipment.