Card Endurance Day

Length of Activity: 15 minutes or less
Student Grade Level: Grades 1-6
Equipment: PFA equipment, 3 decks of card
Outcome: Children will complete 5 laps

Gayle's Notes:  My PFA endurance day allows all the students a chance to receive recognition as well as completing laps at his/her pace.  My parent aide and any student not physically able to participate in the PFA activity for the day pass out the cards.  I determine the card requirement for the day (esp. 4, 5 and 6 in your hand, 3 of a kind, two of a kind, etc.)

I have arthritic knee problems so I currently teach using an adult tricycle.  The tricycle allows me to travel with the students on the run/walk and then to check cards and watch students at PFA.


The students are assigned a designated area to travel 5 laps at their optimal physical level for the day.  Each time the students returns to the starting point he/she receives a card.  Students finishing before other students go to FFA to work out until all students have shown me their five cards.

Winner recognition ideas:


Partner endurance day - students must stay with a partner for the 5 laps and their combined cards are used

Squad endurance day - the squad combined their cards for the required card requirement for the day