Easter Eggersize

Grade Level: K-6

Equipment needed: 30-35 plastic Easter eggs, Easter pails for each team.  Before class, cut pieces of paper small enough to put into the plastic eggs.  I put team colors (red, blue, orange, purple, yellow, black, brown) on some of the pieces.  I have pictures of the equipment on other pieces of paper.  Each egg contains one piece of paper.  These eggs are scattered in the playing area.

Activity: Divide students into 7 or 8 relay teams and give them a team color and an Easter pail.  The students are trying to see how many of their team color pieces of paper in the eggs they can collect.  The first person on the team runs to the eggs, opens it and looks at the paper.  If it is their team color they return the egg to their team and place it in their team pail. If a student picks up an egg whose piece of paper does not belong to their color team, they simply fold it back up and place it in the egg, leave that egg and then return to their team and let the next person go.  They try to remember which egg it was that did not contain their team color so as not to return to that egg again.  If the student picks an egg that contains station work, a picture of the station is on the card so the student knows which piece of equipment to work on. I pre-set the number of reps I want them to do before class, for example each piece picked would have to do 5 repetitions.  They place the egg back down on the ground and proceed to the PFA center.  As soon as they leave the playing area and go into the PFA center, the next person on the team may head for the pile of eggs.  Often I place a circle of paper, representing on a lap around the field as another option.