Ron Nichols
Kim Berg Sara Cullinan
Angie Armendariz Marilyn Denning
sherri Claypoole Peter Frazzano

Each Teacher of the Year receives an award from Project Fit America. The awards are presented in a ceremony held on our behalf with the school's regional sponsor. The 2002 Teacher of the Year Awards have been funded by a generous donation from THE DONALD AND CAROLE CHAIKEN FOUNDATION.

What is the All Star Teacher Showcase?

Every year PFA receives teacher evaluations and follows up with every school in the country. Through this process we are discovering teachers that have gone far beyond the typical program implementation. They have created new and outstanding ways to incorporate the PFA program and motivate their students to be active and have fun with fitness.

The All Star Teacher Showcase is a national spotlight on these teachers and their ideas. Sharing their lesson plans and creativity so that every PFA school in the country can access these games and challenges for use in their own school.


Vicki Brownell - 2001
Gayle Chiotti - 2001
Shari Dowburd - 2001
Khris Hadet - 2001
Candace Call - 2000

Steve Cox - 1999

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