2003 PFA All Star Teacher

Adrian Dodson

Adrian Dodson

Pass Road Elementary School
Gulfport, Mississippi

We read an article about the lack of men teaching elementary physical education and found it is true. We see far less men than women teaching.  So this award is something very near and dear to our hearts as we are showcasing an amazing PE teacher who just happens to also be man and brings his special brand of programming that really punctuates the great role men have as elementary PE teachers. Adrian is the kind of teacher kids gravitate toward, bask in his praise, encouragement and feel the personal confidence he has in THEIR ability to set and reach fitness goals. The In-Service Trainer who worked with him wrote to us, “Follow Adrian close, he prides himself in being super pro fitness. He should be a “can’t miss” All Star Teacher. I look for him to run PFA programming to the max.

He is high energy, proud and creative. He reminds me the most of me of any teacher I have ever in-serviced.” This coming from THE teacher our All Star Award is modeled after!  We are very proud of Adrian and believe his students are greatly advantaged to have his passion and commitment in their lives every day. Years from now those kids are going to launch in healthy adulthood and it will be this teacher who made that happen for them!

Adrian Dodson's Programs, Activities & Teaching Philosophy

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