2003 PFA All Star Teacher
Leanne Jack

Leanne Jack

East Pike Elementary School
Indiana, Pennsylvania

Stop the presses.  Put down your mouse , cell phone, or any distraction that may come up…we MUST you to introduce you to Leanne Jack.  She is by far one of the most extraordinary PE Teachers we have EVER met!   She has gone above and beyond any of our greatest expectations and has set a new bar for how we define a National All Star Teacher.  PFA in-service trainer, Steve Cox, came back from her school wrote to us “Leanne is probably the best teacher I have ever come back to work with.” That made us sit up straight back in our chairs…Steve is our National Director of School In-Service and has worked in 100’s of schools or over a decade.  He is tough customer as he too created, taught and led the best PE program we have ever seen in America.  Leanne never asked for this spotlight and would do what she does no matter who is looking…this is plain and simple an outstanding teacher, caught being good….by one of the best!


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