Capture the Pins

Length of Activity: Minimum of 30min to 40 minutes

Optimal Student Grade Level: This has to be done 3rd grade and up.

Steve’s Notes: Children beg to play this once they learn it. This is a definite reward game for the students. This is an excellent continuous movement and great cardiovascular workout. You must have large play area such as soccer or baseball field to do this game.

How to Play

Teams: 2 equal teams, each team has 1/2 of a large rectangular playing field

Equipment: jerseys, flag belts, 8 plastic bowling pins, many large pylons to create field (very important to have a clear MID-LINE & side lines), small cones/markers to make a "free-throw" circle size holding zone at the ends of the field.


To get out of "the holding zone":

Pin Guarding:

You must stand back one big step away from any pin you are guarding


There are many wise things and plays you can do as a team to help play better and win. Talk, plan, think, sacrifice.


When all the players on one team are in "the holding zone".

When you have captured all of your opponents pins


 Don’t grab or tackle runners

 Don’t run forward while looking back (This is "running blind"… it’s dumb and dangerous)

 No diving or jumping or twisting

 Keep your balance

 Be aware and focused on the movement of others. ALERT

 Don’t get hyper …Hyper, dangerous players must be removed from this fast, exciting game for they will hurt themselves or others.

 It is not wise to play this game on a wet field.