Copy and Pass

(Simple Activity for good introduction to the PFA stations)

Length of activity: 10 minutes

Optimal Student Grade Level: K-2.

Steve’s Notes: This is a continuous motion lesson , great warm up for K-2, but older grades like it too. When you see your fastest kids passing 2-3 times, you know the other kids are getting tired and it is time to conclude the game.

How to Play:

The leader goes around the station area in a special physical movement way

Example: Slow motion jog, twist walk, side-ways walk, tip toe walk, crawl, athletic shuffle, bunny hop, skip, back walk, etc.

The teacher yells "Pass"… all behind may jog or run, passing the leader (leader keeps going same way – same pace)

As others pass leader they will yell "Pass 1" first time they pass…

"Pass 2" second time they pass etc.

Teacher finally yells "Halt!" and then takes class to a PFA station and then;

  1. Teaches Safety Lesson (kids who passed leader the most can be the 1st demos)
  2. Teach a proper procedure lesson
  3. Teach a Hint/Helper for that station