Flying Turtle

"Drop & Catch" Station Style

Length of Activity: Short & Quick

Optimal Student Grade Level: 2nd grade and on up

Steve’s Notes: Students have ability to see object in air, go for it, and become aware of people moving around them as well. This can be an indoor game or outdoor game done PFA station style if you have a blacktop area nearby. HINT! Watch for hyper catches and always make safety a priority. I don’t allow falling down.

How to Play

Divide the class up into teams of 5-7 students.

Equipment: Bounce balls (8 1/2" rubber), Bean Bag Turtles, Pylons, Kick Balls

Discuss Rule/Terms-Students working "TCC" (teamwork, communication and cooperation) style is best J .

Groups create a circle of students around the "HUB"

HUB = student in middle of circle with Rubber Ball & Turtle balanced on top of it

Procedure- Outdoor with PFA equipment and blacktop area

Hub drops (not toss) ball and when it hits, the turtle flies up – kids in the circle wait in athletic ready position and SAFELY try to catch the turtle. (Hub may not catch it) If the Turtle is caught that group gets one point and the person who caught it gets to go and do a "WORK TASK".

Work Tasks

Go do a set amount of station reps of the following work tasks:

When they complete a work task they run and re-join their group

Hub – gets to do (# of drops determined by teacher) amount of drops (good or bad) and then it’s someone else’s turn

Team that gets to (# of points, determined by teacher) first is the winner.

 Procedure for an Indoor Game:

Everything remains the same as outdoor procedure expect the "WORK TASKS"

The work tasks can include:

• 10 rope jumps


Medicine ball toss and catches

Anything else you can think of


Simple version:

Eliminate work-tasks and the catcher simply waits and comes back in when the next teammate makes a catch.


Advanced Catch Game:

Team wears a 32 oz plastic cup on the front of their chest. Use flag belts & cut two slits in the cups. Older kids can handle this.