Hit and Run

Length of Activity: 40 minutes

Optimal Student Grade Level: 2-6

This could do a scaled down, simple version for K-1 (30 minutes).

Steve’s Notes: This is a high-level fitness workout. This lesson takes a lot of preparation, but is a great total class activity and worth the effort. Create a reward or special recognition for kids or class with the most "completion bracelets." You can do this lesson as a class (everyone on their own) or in "team groups."

 How to Play


Each hit is any of the many pre-determined fitness stations (see below for examples). Flags/markers with reps. & directions are beneficial. Have the students do the station expectation to the best of their ability.


After completing any station (making a hit) the student then must go and do a 1/4 or 1/8 mile jog.

Teacher Measurement – Have completion bracelets or large rubber bands to give any kid when they complete a run.

1/8 mile = 1 rubber band

1/4 mile = 3 rubber bands

After a run they go do another "hit"

Hit Stations – be as creative as you wish

They may only do one particular "hit station" once (creating variety and experimentation).

Example Hit stations: