Lions, Tigers & Bears


Length of Activity: 20-30 minutes

Optimal Student Grade Level: K-2

Steve’s Notes: This game is a great way to introduce use of the PFA equipment properly and safely. This game can get very tiring. You can introduce terms, "Heart/Lung Workout" or "Cardio Workout" & "Continuous Movement"

How to Play:

Divide the class into 3 teams -Lions, Tigers & Bears-

The teams do work tasks to earn three cups. The team that earns the most cups, wins.


  1. Kick a ball to certain spot and back
  2. Jog to certain spot and back
  3. Do a PFA station "Round the World Touch" this is when the students go to PFA stations and touch each station and yell its name as you touch it.
  4. Do a different task each time.

After finishing any task, the students go and get three cups and add them to their teams’ giant circle… then they may go and do another task. M If it is windy, give each team 3 thin-topped pylons & they may stack their cups on the pylons.


Several hundred cups…. Pylons and kick balls

Helpful Hints