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2003 PFA All Star Teacher
Diann Earhart

Diann Earhart

Physical Education Teacher
South Central Elementary/Middle School
Chuckey, TN

Diann Earhart has been teaching at South Central Elementary/Middle School in Chuckey, TN for 31 years and received a PFA grant in 2000. She was looking for something new to inspire and motivate her career and her students. She took the Project Fit America program and turned her school into a true state model school. Achieving recognition from the Tennessee School Board Association showcasing her school to all schools in the state as a model for creative ways to enhance learning for children. She was then asked by the President of the Washington County School Board to write about her new “Fitness First” program that incorporated into her curriculum (which is Project Fit America equipment based), and went on to receive the Awards of Excellence in Education Program at the Tennessee School Board of Directors meeting in 2003.

Diann’s principal, Deborah D. Mason, writes to us, “She is constantly broadening her knowledge, improving her skills, and sharing with her peers what she has learned. I consider Diann an asset to the school. Her outstanding teaching ability, ambition and motivation set her apart from all other physical education teachers I have ever worked with. In fact, I have never known a finer physical education teacher.”

Diann is a genuine role model for the physical education profession. She never let her career drift, nor her willingness to learn new things pass her by. It is this love of the profession and dedication to be her best, that gives her top honors in our books and earns her the title of the All-Star Teacher of The Year, for which she is truly deserving. She is a beacon of light for teachers everywhere and we are honored to put this spotlight on her.

Diann's Lesson Plans, Activities, and Teaching Philosophy


All Star Update

2012 Update

Diann Earhart, All Star Teacher 2003

Hip, hip, hurrah

Project Fit America has had a great impact on my physical education program at South Central.  I have been so enthused with all the different avenues that the students and I can travel down within the program.  It was a dream come true.  Project Fit awakened me out of a fixed routine in my physical education classes.  Project Fit came to me after twenty-seven years of teaching physical education.  This is my thirty-ninth year and I love it.  I enjoy seeing the eyes of the students when they improve and reach a goal set for them.  My entire physical education program is based on goals and objectives as set by the PFA program:
  • To improve overall fitness for the general student as well as the athlete.
  • To engage and enthuse students with a sense of pride about their own physical fitness.
  • To give all students more opportunities to be active, healthy, and physically fit.

All students at South Central take part in every aspect of the physical education program.  Students are not labeled with certain expectations for a given grade.  Each student is confident that by doing their personal best, he/she will be rewarded and earn a good grade.  As each student works toward his/her goal, he/she realizes that they are improving their health, thus improving their life.

Since earning “All Star Teacher,” I have presented two physical education workshops, demonstrated games from PFA, and talked about the program to try and get other physical education teachers within the county interested in the program.  I have made a notebook for these teachers with games I use and have had new Physical Education teachers come and travel through a day of my classes.  I have also helped with many Health Fairs at South Central of which PFA is always a part.  I have added many units to my physical education program at South Central.  My students will meet me and say, “What are we doing new today?” I feel my students are the best students in the world and I believe all the students at South Central love the program.

I have added many units and many challenges of which students set goals, try to reach, and when reached, their goals are set a little higher.  Challenges are used to keep our program energized, thus working toward making a healthier student who understands that physical activity is a part of a well-rounded, healthy child.  Awards are excellent incentives for students; thus producing students who are physically fit.  All students at South Central receive a South Central lanyard on my very own “Physical Education Honors Day in May.”  On the lanyard are tokens that the student earned on each challenge. Attached is a copy of my challenges, levels, and tokens each child receives.   I keep a journal on each student at South Central.  These are given to each child on Honors Day.  Inside are certificates from challenges, lanyards with all tokens earned, ribbons and certificates from the PFA fitness test, certificates from units taught (heart unit, archery, golf, basketball, etc), a sheet that tells each student what level they reached on Pacer, Smile Mile, Lub Dup’r, Distance (number of miles run for the year), Hubba, Hubba, and any other valuable items the student has earned throughout the year.  One special club within my program is” Big Cookie Club.”  The students work hard to get into this Club.  I have some Kindergarten students in this club.  To be a member, the student must have reached level 10 on the Pacer challenge.  These are a few things within my program.

I would like to thank Project Fit America for all their support, for certificates, ribbons, Internet records, information, speedy service, and friendliness when we communicate.  PFA was such a welcome to South Central and my physical education program. I feel that Project Fit has had the greatest impact on my physical education program of any new venture.  Again I say “Thank You!”


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