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We are a 501 (c)(3) celebrating our 28th year of giving grants to schools across America.
From 1990 through 2017 we have donated to over 1000 schools in 300 cities and 46 states!!


Bronze, Silver, Gold, Kong,
Top Kong, and Kong-Elite

The four main goals of this programming at Project Fit America schools:

  1. To improve/champion overall body fitness for the general student population as well as the more athletic sports oriented students.
  2. To engage, empower and enthuse the student population with a sense of pride and quest toward their own personal fitness development.
  3. To give the Physical Education staff tools for teaching, inspiring and assessing total body fitness.  Thereby discovering trends and eventually adapting programming to meet the fitness shortcomings and/or challenges of their students.
  4. To create and supply insightful, valid broad statistical base of student fitness information.
Gold Level

The key stages to Chart and Challenge programming are the entry and mid levels (Silver and Bronze). These are the prime levels to be run and can easily be done in PE class and lead up to the national Gold & Kong Levels. We recommend Kong and Gold tryouts should be done outside normal PE time to make this a beyond PE activity. We recommend you post and promote the Bronze, Silver, Gold and Kong scores for each challenge activity on a wall that is highly visible. Students, parents and administration will like and appreciate the showcase and you will find motivation in their feedback from this positive P. R.! When starting a Chart and Challenge be sure to take into consideration the following:

Time, class size, scheduling, and if the weather may limit implementation of various challenges. If any level must be skipped, SKIP Gold and then let any student who made Silver level try for Kong or above.


Kong Level and Top Kong Kids

Your students that make KONG level can then try out for TOP KONG at your school. Certificate Download

TOP KONG is a fitness challenge wherein the student is allowed to do unlimited repetitions of the activity until they are exhausted.  TOP KONG must be measured/observed by the PE teacher!  There can only be ONE TOP KONG student per activity. The students who perform the most repetitions per activity become the TOP KONG KIDS of your school.  Teachers submit their TOP KONG KIDS to PFA and we will make special certificates for those students or you may download Top Kong Kid Certificates.

National Kong Elite

We will then compare all the TOP KONG KIDS submitted to us to determine National KONG ELITE (certificate download).  This refers to the super high level of all the TOP KONG student performances. Schools submit their TOP KONG KIDS and KONG ELITE student scores to PFA at the end of each semester along with their pre and post testing and other chart and challenge data.  PFA compares all TOP KONG KID submissions to determine which students become the national record holders (one student per PFA station), for the entire country.

This is a very small percentage of the hundreds and thousand of kids in Project Fit America schools across the nation. These kids meet with their PE teacher to try out for National Kong Elite. They do as many of a particular fitness activity until they can do no more. This challenge is NEVER timed. This is why these kids are the KONG Elite. Their fitness accomplishments are extraordinary! If you have a student(s) who want to try for Kong Elite, go for it! The other students will rally and cheer on this student's triumphs!


Kong Elite

Awards & Recognition

If your school is a sponsored Project Fit America site we provide certificates and ribbons,  at no charge whatsoever,  to support your Chart and Challenge activities. If you are running programming we will keep you in supplies!

There is a generic certificate that is used for Bronze, Silver and Gold levels.

You can download the certificate template and make it on your own or let PFA know how many KONG KID certificates you need and we will send them to you. You may request certificates or ribbons by email at info@projectfitamerica or call us @ 800-711-4348.

We also have certificates for your  "Top Kong Kid" at your school (download here).   PFA makes special  "Kong Elite" certificate if a national record is broken and/or tied.  These students also receive recognition on our website. 

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