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We are a 501 (c)(3) celebrating our 28th year of giving grants to schools across America.
From 1990 through 2017 we have donated to over 1000 schools in 300 cities and 46 states!!



Smiling KidsQ. How can my school get PFA?

A. PFA does not have to date a national grant pool of funding. All of our sponsors adopt a community and schools within that adopted community are sent letters to let them know funding is available for application. The best action you can take is to send us a letter on your school letterhead telling us why you need PFA and why this project is important to your school. We also encourage you to take a moment and fill out the registration form on our web site. We fund develop in over 300 cities annually, if your letter is on file we will be sure to include your region in our fund development efforts. Additionally you will automatically be notified of any funding that becomes available in your area.

Q. We just got a letter that said our school was eligible to apply for a PFA grant, what do we do next?

A. Contact our offices immediately at (800) 711-4348 and we will set a call appointment with a grant coordinator to contact you directly to address your questions, assist in completing the paperwork and help you through the process.

Q. Can anybody donate to PFA?

A. Yes, even the man in the moon can sponsor Project Fit America.

About the Curriculum:

Q. Will we have to change the curriculum we are currently using?top

A. No, the PFA curriculum is not verbatim and is laid out in a simple calendar year sequence allowing teachers to pick and chose from lesson plans to augment and enhance their current program.

Q. Do we have to use your curriculum for a successful PFA program?

A. We have donated this program to nearly 1000 schools across the country.  Every school has found the lesson plans in our curriculum to be an excellent vehicle to reach their curriculum and teaching standards.  A school that does not want to use our curriculum would not want to have the Project Fit America program.  The indoor/outdoor fitness equipment, curriculum, teacher training all work together and are intrinsic to one another.

Q. What if we make our own lesson plans?

A. Fantastic! When teachers take the initiative to create their own lesson plans and take pride in and ownership of their PFA program we know that the PFA program is a success at that school. We love to see the innovative and unique ways in which PFA is being used in the schools. It is exactly this spirit you will see in our All Star Teacher Showcase. Every lesson plan and activity featured is not in our curriculum. It was the "teacher's invention!"

Q. What do we do if we need more PFA curriculum, is there a charge or time limit to getting the books replaced?

A. There is no charge or time limit to replacing curriculum books.  Please contact our offices and let us know how many books you need.

About the In-Service:

Q. Who are the PFA trainers and how do I become one?top

A. The trainers are Physical Education Teachers who have received our grants in the past and have developed outstanding and sustainable programs in their own schools and now go in field and work with the next generation of teachers who are just beginning the PFA program. We employ a mentor teacher's philosophy.

Q. When are PFA in-services held?

A. There is one eight-hour session at the school in year one to implement the program and a second eight-hour session at the school in year two to boost and upgrade your program.  We usually come on a typical school day and co-teach with the PE Specialist.  During these sessions, we demonstrate the many and varied ways to use the indoor and outdoor equipment utilizing our lesson plans.

Q. What should a teacher expect by the end of an in-service?

A. The teacher will have had a chance to observe the many ways to use Project Fit America and from the training develop their own school plan for project utilization and integration.

Q. How do we contact our PFA trainer between in-services?

A. Please call us directly at (800) 711-4348 and we will make sure you and your trainer get connected.

About the Installation:

Q. Is the installation of the outdoor equipment component included in the PFA grant? top

A. No, the PFA program provides for the following components: the indoor and outdoor equipment, shipping of the equipment, curriculum, in-service training and all related expenses for the PFA trainers years one and two.

Q. Who is responsible for installing the PFA outdoor equipment?

A. Each school that receives the PFA program is responsible for installing the outdoor equipment.  Installation has been a mixed bag of district maintenance departments, school volunteers, outside contractors, etc.  It is up to each school to define their installation plan.

About the Testing:

Q. Do we have to test all students in the school?

A. No, not all students need to be tested.  Basic testing of 100 students required.

Q. Do we have to test the same students year to year?

A. No, but you must test the same students from the fall semester to the spring semester on the same tests so that we can look at the pre and post test changes.

Q. Will we get our testing outcomes back?

A. Yes, typically the testing data is compiled over the summer months and the data is reported back to the schools and the sponsors in the fall semester of the following academic year.

Extracurricular activity:

Q. Can PFA be used after hours?top

A. Absolutely, PFA encourages after-hours usage at every campus and schools report usage to be a great benefit to their communities.  PFA can be used by school and/or community teams during their practice, by parents and students working out together, and by the community at large (depending on school policy).

Q. Are there any organized extracurricular activities that can help boost the minutes per week students exercise?

A. Many schools ask us to help them put together fitness clubs. We also have successfully piloted "Team Fit" this is a voluntary exercise program students participate and earn rewards. Also many schools are getting involved in the Station Star Challenge (see the Chart & Challenge for details) , which is an easy way a P.E. teacher, classroom teacher or parent can get involved in increasing the minutes per week kids are active outside of physical education classes.

Equipment Maintenance

Q. What is the maintenance of the equipment and are there any tools we need?

A. Throughout the year, the outdoor equipment needs to checked for general maintenance. Rarely are there any problems.   However you want to make sure there are no "moving parts" on the equipment and no loose nuts are bolts.  A hex key is included in the delivery of the outdoor equipment and will be helpful for tightening purposes.

Q. What do we do when a part needs to be replaced?

A. Contact PFA directly.  Our number is (800) 711-4348.

Q. Is this equipment under warranty?

A. Yes for three years. Any part replacement due to manufacturer defect is replaced free of change. The equipment is very high quality and seldom do we ever get a request for part replacement. PFA will work with the school beyond the three-year period to make sure your equipment is in good working order.

Q. What guidelines should we follow for ground cover and cushioning material?

A. We recommend following the guidelines set forth by the Consumer Playground Safety


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