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We are celebrating our 24th year of giving grants to schools across America.
From 1990-2014 we have donated to over 870 schools in 300 cities and 43 states!


Bruce Upper Elementary - Bruce, MS
Sponsored by: Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi Foundation
Opening Day Kickoff: November 2, 2011

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By: Callie Cain

Every Time you take a bite,
You need to be eating right.
Veggies are the best.
They help you pass your school test.
Fruits are really good.
They keep you healthy like they should.
Proteins like beans and meat,
Are really, really good to eat.
Junk food is bad.
It makes your insides feel sad.
So next time you fix something to eat,
Fix yourself a healthy treat!
Blue Cross and Blue Shield are so nice,
Because our equipment had no price.
So thank you for all you did.
Now I can be a healthy kid!

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