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We are a 501 (c)(3) celebrating our 28th year of giving grants to schools across America.
From 1990 through 2017 we have donated to over 1000 schools in 300 cities and 46 states!!


We invite you to browse the following links and see Project Fit America as showcased by schools, sponsors and the media. Kickoffs PFA Schools in the Spotlight!
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KBAZ News - Ashland, KY

Over the years, PFA has been the recipient of generous donations of public service announcements (PSAs) in print, radio and television. These include National Geographic, People, Time, The "O" Oprah Magazine, Biography, Psychology Today, and Martha Stewart Living.

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Ad in Biography Ad in Oprah Ad in Nat Geographic Adventure  


    Sample News Articles

Some of our schools found themselves in a well deserved spotlight with some powerful folks lending their voice to this vital youth health initiative.

This included but is not limited to:

• Dr. Ken Cooper, father of Aerobics, founder of the Cooper Clinic and FitnessGram was keynote speaker for our media day in Spartanburg, SC

• Acting U. S. Surgeon General, Rear Admiral Steven Galson presented an award to one of our schools in Mississippi. (pdf)

• Michigan Surgeon General - Dr. Kimberlydawn Wisdom guest speaks at our event with Oakwood Health System in Dearborn, MI


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