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We are a 501 (c)(3) celebrating our 28th year of giving grants to schools across America.
From 1990 through 2017 we have donated to over 1000 schools in 300 cities and 46 states!!


  Bringing Project Fit America to your community

We create exemplary fitness in education. The total funding required to sponsor a pilot and model school program is $18,206. This is inclusive of the entire two-year program with absolutely no hidden or additional costs. Our goal and driving purpose is to create new and sustainable opportunities for kids to be active, fit and healthy as part of the everyday school experience. This is accomplished through educational programs and equipment, that will allow the school to successfully teach fitness education year after year. PFA will provide and implement the following components at the selected school(s):


1. State-of-the-art outdoor, above ground fitness equipment.  UCLA specifically designed to address all the deficit areas where children fail fitness tests. The equipment becomes the permanent property of the school. Shipping to the school site is also provided.

2. Indoor Mobile Fitness Equipment.  Our Indoor fitness equipment is mobile as indoor facilities vary from school to school. Some have gyms, other use multipurpose rooms, and so on. Our indoor equipment is comprised of the following:
  • 1,000 Fitness Cups. These are fitness cups for explosive cardio, team work, challenge and cooperation with the kids. These cups are a PFA innovation.
  • A squad set of 3 lb weighted hoops. They are weighted, multicolored and feel like wetsuit material. Great for sustaining upper body strength training and cardio
  • A squad set of 5 - 3 lb medicine balls
  • A squad set of 5 - 6 lb medicine balls
  • A squad set of 5 - 2 lb weighted jump ropes
3. Lesson Plan Support Materials:
  • Pacer Cadence CD.  [Pacer (Progressive Aerobic Cardiovascular Endurance Run)]
    This activity provides outstanding cardiovascular conditioning and training as kids shuttle run from 43-60 feet to a “beeped cadence” trying to get from one end of the measured run to the next before the beep goes off.  The beeps progressively become faster and kids have a blast earning rewards to the number of up and back laps they could do.  Even the students who hate to run, love this cardio challenging activity.
  • 6 sets of Laminated Skeleton Bones.   For use in one of our most popular Fitness Cup Lesson plans,  $10.00 and a Bone.
  • $250.00 in Play Money.   For use with Fitness Cup lesson plan,  $10.00 and a bone.
  • PE Music CD.   Favorite music that teachers and kids love which builds nicely into the “movement and dance” component of our program.
  • Certificates, Ribbons, Starter Kits for Word Walls, and Chart and Challenge student accomplishment display.  We provide these reward and incentives to each PE Teacher so they can create motivating wall charts and hallway displays that get the kids super excited to participate in activities and have their name featured for all to see!

4. Core Curriculum.  Created by former Project Fit America grant recipients for future Project Fit America grant recipients. Lessons have Essential Questions for students as well as NASPE standards for each lesson are clearly identified. This book has also been approved by the Science Committee of the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, a partnership between the American Heart Association and the William J. Clinton Foundation.

5. Teacher training at the school site with PE Mentor Teacher from PFA.  This is an all day-eight hour session to commence the program in year one and a second all day booster session in year two. The PFA Mentor Teacher is assigned to school for a two-year period and works both on site as well as via mobile and online. This allows each school to progress and sustain their programming to higher levels and allows for the kind of support needed to launch any new endeavor. If needed, a substitute teacher fee is paid to the school to aid support to the PE teacher(s) on the day of the in-service.

6. Testing and Evaluation.   Our staff works directly with each school to assure the measurement component is fulfilled.  Each school will pre and post test one class at 3 different grade levels and follow those students through the program.  The data is analyzed by Sonoma State University, Department of Mathematics and Statistical Consulting and reports are compiled for each school as well as national school averages.

7. Custom Grant Program for each Sponsor’s service area for school site selection.
  Unless a sponsor has an existing relationship with a school partner(s), we typically conduct a custom grant program for school site selection. Each sponsor gives us the geographic area where they want this program implemented and we will invite all schools, grades K-8, to apply to be the school(s) selected as your exemplary partner and model for fitness in education. This is a competitive process that creates a level playing field and allows for each school to share their story. Each applicant creates an academic plan for incorporation of fitness in education, assure teacher “buy in” and school wide commitment to creating sustainable programming to assure generations of students are impacted by this program.

8. Community Outreach.  PFA will work with your sponsorship to create events and activities, which will engage the parents and community to focus on their own personal health and that of their children. This will include guest speakers at the school, a family lecture series on health topics, and support from media as well as civic and state leaders. Typically these events and activities include and highlight the sponsoring organization. We will host a community wide media gallery and ribbon ceremony to dedicate the program and have the students provide a demonstration of their new found fitness skills and talents. Parents, teachers, civic and state leaders along with the media will take part in this host event.

PFA was established twenty five years ago and is unique in that a majority of all of our Sponsors have been hospitals, healthcare agencies, and/or health conscious corporations.

The PFA program is designed to be a permanent program in each school developed, as the need to get children fit will never diminish. PFA will work with your sponsorship to fully train the teaching staff and integrate the program in the school curriculum. At the end of the program, the school will be able to run PFA without any outside intervention. Your school(s) will join the other 850+ PFA schools across the country that use PFA well beyond the two year sponsorship as part of their regular school day activities. Years from now you will see PFA in action with your sponsored school!

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