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We are a 501 (c)(3) celebrating our 28th year of giving grants to schools across America.
From 1990 through 2017 we have donated to over 1000 schools in 300 cities and 46 states!!

Recommended Readings & Movies

 Our Favorite Videos: YOU-TUBE and Others . . . . . .

Watch the full episode. See more Need To Know.

Extreme/Elite Athletic use of
Project Fit America outdoor equipment component
Outstanding example what PE in upper grade levels can really accomplish!
An Apple a Day is Not Enough - A Poem by Taylor Mali

MOVIES . . . . . . . 

Super Size Me

READINGS . . . . . . . 

Fed Up With Lunch Author: Sarah Wu How one anonymous teacher revealed the truth about school lunches-and how we can change them! Founder of the blog FED UP WITH LUNCH
The Power of Full Engagement: Managing Energy Not Time co-authored
with Jim Loehr
#1 Wall Street Journal bestseller, spent four months on the New York Times bestseller list and has been translated into 24 languages.

Fat Land


well researched, documented, updated, understandable assessment of our Nation's obesity / health / fitness epidemic.

Smart Moves


scientific and practical explanations and documentation pertaining to the significant and overwhelming link between movement and learning.

The Crazy Makers


the latest documented, scientific and often practical (eye-opening, scary, sad) breakdown of U.S. nutrition, as it relates to both mental and physical negative health issues / trends for our youth.

Ultimate Fit or Fat


solid, practical, understandable personal fitness / diet guide for concerned adults (especially those with an active, athletic or Phys Ed background).

The Dominance Factor


scientific, documented, understandable info pertaining to human dominance factors and how they pertain to learning...(shows how to access it and apply it to the teaching and learning of children).

Brain Gym for Teachers


the guru for explaining, learning, and using movement / the physical to teach and allow kids to maximize their learning potential.

The New Sugar Busters

Steward, Bethea, Andrews, Balart

if obesity, overweight, diabetes, fitness and health issues are already a major concern for a person...or if a person is searching for a current, documented can't-miss healthy diet / fitness book, this is it...(documents amazing success for diabetes sufferers).

Little Book of Life Style Artistry


small, concise, practical, current, personal reference guide for teachers to use in their own fitness and health programming.

The Phacts Of Life


marvelous, understandable, easy to apply breakdown of calorie facts vs. physical activities as they relate to weight loss and personal fitness. (Great info for PE teachers to have when helping with the fitness concerns, diets, and programs for others as well as yourself!).

Men Are Like Waffles, Women Are Like Spaghetti

Bill/Pam Farrel

Are you married? Do you plan to get married? Get this book! Read it, then give it to your spouse when you are done!

A Disgrace To The Profession

Newton, Kauffman

if you have been in the teaching profession for over 10 years or if you have / are in a school system where unbelievably inefficient and sometimes stupid, classroom - teaching - hindering policies are being bullied down your throat !?!....READ THIS and give it to a colleague. You'll have trouble putting it down.

It's not About the Bike


a great athlete and a marvelous human being puts true perspective on what training, sports, competition and life is all about. (Have your older, serious, budding athletes read this!)


Dr. Seuss

read and enjoy!!


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