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Description of Punch-Out Cards

Rewards & Incentives Pershing Elementary School, Saint Joseph, MO
Project Fit America - Kid Fit Program - 2004-2005

To earn rewards and incentives students complete index cards with the repetitions punched out as they go through the school year. Based on our student’s fitness levels we have set the following repetitions for the following stations to earn rewards.

Activity Repetitions
Sit up 1,000
Step Up 1,000
Parallel Bar 100
Horizontal Ladder 100
Push Ups 1,000
Pull Ups 100
Vault Bar 1,000
Pole Clmb 100

Rewards and Incentives that we have made for the students:

Accomplishment Reward
25 miles and one station card punched PFA wrist gel band
50 miles and two station cards punched PFA crew socks
75 miles and 6 station cards punched PFA T-shirt
100 miles and 8 station cards punched PFA hooded sweat shirt

The ultimate incentive that students work for from grade 2 through 6 is to earn the special 6th grade goal of 100 miles and 8 stations. This not only earns the student the coveted PFA hooded sweat shirt but a special plaque that lists their name and all their activity accomplishments. The plaque is presented at a special awards ceremony that involves all the students and parents and community.

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