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We are a 501 (c)(3) celebrating our 28th year of giving grants to schools across America.
From 1990 through 2017 we have donated to over 1000 schools in 300 cities and 46 states!!
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In 2011-2012, our Cardio Cups & Lessons have been included in presentation sessions at AAHPERD’s Southern Regional Conference, SCAAHPERD, NJAAHPERD, and Indiana University Physical Education Summer Institute.

500 Cups & Lesson Plan Booklet - $139*
1000 Cups & Lesson Plan Booklet - $277*
Lesson Plan Booklet - $5*

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These cardio fitness cups have been a staple as part of the indoor fitness program we donate to our schools. We are amazed how quickly word has spread among the PE Community about this Cup Crazy innovation. We have received such a huge volume of inquiry to buy the cups that we have decided to put them for sale to make them available for everyone. We are a public charity and 100% of the proceeds will go back to our work with schools. See our Fitness Cups in Action on the Project Fit America YouTube Channel.

• Tallest Towers
• Wheel of Fortune
• The Amazing Cup Race
• Double Track Cup Attack
• Zookeepers


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500 PFA CardioCups

Lesson Plan Booklet

1000 PFA Cardio Cups

Lesson Plan Booklet

Lesson Plan Booklet


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using PFA Cardio Cups!

The PFA Story of Cardio Fitness Cups

Fitness cupsDigging in the trashIn 1995 a Physical Education Teacher named Steve Cox at Watrous Elementary School in Des Moines, IA got a Project Fit America (PFA) grant and turned his PFA program into the magical mystery tour! Where his brain went, his creativity and imagination followed and turned us on our heads! One of his “game creations” involved him gathering cups that he would then use as currency for fitness activities he would designate for his students. These were broad based fitness activities providing explosive cardio, teamwork, communication and challenges.

Read the Steve's complete story of our Cardio Fitness Cups.

We call these Cardio Cups. These are NOT cup Stacking but …..Cup Building!!! Students from 1st grade to high school will work so hard to “earn” the cups as they are “currency” for fitness activities devised by the PE teacher. Walk into a gym and tell students they are going to do sit ups for the next 15 minutes and hear the groans. Walk in with your Fitness Cups and tell them you are going to do a Tummy Toughy Cup Build and they cheer and “high 5” each other! You want to see kids red faced, sweaty and smiling? Try a cup game!

Get Your Own Cups for Free!

If you cannot afford to buy our Fitness Cups, we encourage you to check with your school’s cafeteria to see if you can collect their yogurt cups.   Also be sure to pull out your local phone book and look for any restaurants or stores that use plastic cups and ask them to donate cups to your school!  You too can go “Cup Crazy” just like us!


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