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Testing Protocol for Mississippi Schools
Funded through the Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi Foundation

Due dates to submit Mississippi BMI and Fitness Level data:

September 15, 2013; May 1, 2014

Steps to submit BMI and Fitness Level data:

  1. Data will be tracked for the same 75 students from year one. If a student included in the 75 has moved to another school, enter the word MOVED in the pre date column.
  2. Download the file: PFA Workbook Do not make any formatting changes to the PFA Workbook.
    (Excel spreadsheet with built-in calculations for fitness and BMI tests)
  3. Record BMI data for each student on the BMI Pre & Post Worksheet
    1. Use the same student number assigned from the previous year
    2. Record the following:
      1. Grade Level
      2. Birth Date (MM/DD/YEAR)
      3. Gender
      4. Date of Measurement
      5. Height in feet and inches (to the nearest 1/8 inch reported as a decimal)
      6. Weight (to the nearest 1/4 lb. reported as a decimal)

        Decimal Chart

    Note: BMI, BMI for Age Percentile, and Value columns will automatically populate on the BMI Pre & Post worksheet. The BMI Summary worksheet will also automatically populate.
  4. Record the following fitness test scores on the Fitness Test Results worksheet:
    1. Modified pull up (timed for 30 seconds)
    2. Vault bar jump (timed for 30 seconds)
    3. Sit ups (timed for 60 seconds)
    4. Quarter mile run

      Note: The following data should be entered on the BMI Pre and Post Worksheet. This data will then automatically populate on the Fitness Test Results Worksheet: Student Number, Grade Level, Birth Date, and Gender.

  5. E-mail PFA Workbook file to:

Due date to submit Other Data and Teacher Evaluation:
June 1, 2014

Steps to submit Other Data:

  1. Use the same Other Data Workbook submitted for year one. Do not make any formatting changes to the Other Data Workbook. (Excel spreadsheet with built-in calculations).  If you need a copy of your Other Data Workbook, email request to
  2. Record number of disciplinary occurrences, number of absenteeism occurrences, and average number of minutes per week students spend with Project Fit America equipment and curriculum (enter as a number of minutes).
  3. E-mail Other Data Workbook file to:
  4. The Teacher Evaluation will be emailed out during post testing time. Email Teacher Evaluation to:

Revised 8/20/2013

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