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We are a 501 (c)(3) celebrating our 28th year of giving grants to schools across America.
From 1990 through 2017 we have donated to over 1000 schools in 300 cities and 46 states!!

Why Support This Initiative

For the vast majority of kids, schools are the ONLY place they are physical active!   The epidemic of childhood obesity will never come near a solution without funds, support  and engagement of schools and the PE Teachers of America!  According to the After School Alliance, 61.5% of children ages 9-13 do not participate in any organized physical activity outside of school hours, and 22.6% do not engage in any type of physical activity during free time.

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Unless the private sector adopts the public sector for this health issue there will continue to be an exacerbation of preventable health problems. Your funding of this project will make an absolute difference. It will be measurable and permanent. Each fall when the school bell rings a new generation of children lacking fitness will come through the door, only this time, because of your sponsorship, year after year, the school will be equipped with a solution to reverse this trend.

Washington Post - "How Obesity Harms a Child's Body"
What happens inside a child or teen's body carrying excessive pounds.


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